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The first service that provides ThinkOrSwim Realtime accounts for non-US users.
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Full warranty

You will receive a ThinkOrSwim account within 10 minutes after payment.

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Replenishment of an account with a minimum balance upon request.

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You can run an account without a proxy and without changing the time zone.

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Dedicated high-speed proxy + Proxifier included with every account!


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What You Get

TOS platform - an innovative trading terminal

Advanced trading

Track NYSE Stocks, NASDAQ, Futures, Options, CME, ETF, FOREX. Set rules to automatically start orders that can help you manage your risks.

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Company Profile

Explore all possible revenue streams of each company in detail using their profile and an interactive third-party research tool integrated into the TOS. Look at the distribution by department and percentage the ratio of each of them on the bottom line.

Make hypothetical adjustments to the key factors for each business unit and see how these changes can affect the projected profitability of the selected company.

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Best for Options Traders

Assess potential entry and exit strategies using options statistics. Look at the amount of the option for the current day and compare it with the average for the last five days. View the implied and historical volatility of the underlying securities and comprehend the market with a breakdown of options traded above or below the buy or sell price, or between markets.

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Technical analysis

ThinkOrSwim is access to 400+ fundamental and technical research from support and resistance to the candlestick and profile.

Add visual effects to graphics using on selection of 20 patterns, including eight Fibonacci tools. Also create your own algorithms with thinkScript®.

thinkorswim это передовой технический анализ

Realtime data feed

Realtime data for NYSE, CME, NASDAQ, options, equities, ETFs, futures, forex, options on futures, and more.

onDemand function

For debugging your strategy. Allows you to view any date in the past in "real time" level 2, bar and charts. There is also a function of fast forwarding and automated testing of strategies.

Stock Hacker

The most powerful screener on the market with customizable filters.

Why do you need a TOS trading terminal?

As a rule, traders use several programs to work in the financial markets. Usually there are at least two of them. This is a trading terminal from a broker with which a trader trades and a graphical platform for finding matching stocks.

TOS from TD Ameritrade is an innovative charting platform that allows you to access Live data feed quotes in real time on NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, FOREX stocks and many other exchange-traded instruments without data latency, for example, options, futures, CMEs, ETFs, etc.

Practice shows that the most popular among traders is the TOS terminal. This is because it has huge functionality for graphical analysis of quotes in many financial markets. However, now you cannot open such an account on your own, due to the ban of TD Ameritrade on the use of their software in a number of other countries. However, this problem can be easily solved and you can get such an account for personal use, this is what our ThinkOrSwim registration service is needed for, where you can buy an account at any time convenient for you.

Live Trading VS Paper Money

ThinkOrSwim by TD Ameritrade is the most innovative and advanced graphics platform offering two different modes of operation: Live Trading and Paper Money.

Live Trading is a real-time mode, in which all quotes are in real time, while in Real-time mode, in real time, not only charts, but also filters and scanners.

Paper Money is a demo account with a 20 min delayed data feed, as well as restrictions on working with filters.


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